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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активна


Last time I say goodbye

Original title: Last time I say goodbye
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2017
Genre: melodrama
Series: 2
Production: FILM.UA
Scenario: Olga Kulagina
Operator: Alexei Lamakh
Director: Andrew Chernykh
Cast: Ksenia Romenkova, Konstantin Samoukov, Valeria Hodos, Malvina Saliichuk, Maria Trepikova, Andrey Fedinchik, Alexandra Polguy, Igor Petrusenko, Nina Antonova, Inna Kapinos, Andrei Romanii, Lyudmila Ardelyan and others.

Description: On the TV channel TRK Ukraine, on October 18, 2017, the premiere starts - a new melodrama "For the last time, goodbye" (Farewell vostanne) in the number of 2 series, filled with romantic adventures of the main characters. Production of the series was dealt with by "FILM.UA" and the TV channel "Ukraine", the locations of all the filming were mostly taken in the panoramas of Kiev and the Kiev region. The main character - at first young girl Vera. Melodrama "Farewell vostanne" ("The last time I say goodbye") - an unusual story about the most sincere, true love of two hearts. The main characters of the melodrama "Farewell to VOSTAIN" ("For the Last Time Say Goodbye") will be very popular actors - Xenia Romenkova and Konstantin Samoukov. He is an adult 24-year-old guy named Andrei (Konstantin Samoukov). She is a schoolgirl Vera (Ksenia Romenkova). Once Andrew saved the sinking Faith on the river - she rushed to save the drowning puppy and almost drowned. Then Vera fell in love with the savior once or for all, or at least she decided so. However, Andrew did not take the feelings of the little girl of Faith seriously, went to the city and married his own contemporary. In memory of the main heroine of the film "I Forgive Yourself" ("The last time I say goodbye") was a puppy named Jim, a medallion and drawings. Many years later. Vera is married and a successful business lady. However, with her husband, everything is very bad, relations with spouses are strained. Because of the confluence of circumstances, Vera again meets Andrew in the veterinary clinic. But he does not recognize her. No wonder, because from a small shy schoolgirl Vera turned into a confident business woman. And Vera does not remind him that he once saved her and she was in love with him ... After a while Vera's business begins to crumble, her husband betrays. And, like many years ago, Andrew again saves Faith. What will result in the resumption of the meeting of the main characters of the melodrama "I say good-bye to you" ("The last time I say goodbye"), you can find out by watching all two online series for free on our website in the 2017 season. Enjoy viewing...