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Звезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активна



Original title: Street
Country: Russia
Year: 2017
Genre: drama, comedy, melodrama, thriller
Series: 16
Channel: TNT
Production: GoodStoryMedia
Producer: Timofei Sharipov (creative), Alexey Malyshev (creative), Dmitry Kondratyuk (Ip.), Anton Zaytsev, Alexander Dulerain, Anton Schukin, Artem Loginov
Scenario: Jeanne Kadnikova, Alexey Malyshev (story), Vitaly Maksimov, Alexander Shestakov, Alexey Karaulov, Alexey Litvinenko, Anastasia Volkova, Anna Borisova, Varvara Remchukova, Vyacheslav Serebrenikov, Ilya Eggi, Maxim Filipyev, Marina Nikolskaya, Timofey Sharipov
Artist: Vladislav Kuznetsov, Vasily Ufa
Operator: Sergey Dolgushin, Sergey Khokhryakov
Director: Zhanna Kadnikova, Nikolay Burlak, Mikhail Solovyov
Cast: Egor Klinaev, Olga (Lelya) Baranova, Vladimir Khatskevich, Ekaterina Sedik, Pavel Savinkov, Sergei Zmicherevsky, Artemy Padalka, Marina Bogatova, Ksenia Zhdanova, Marta Dromashko, Alexander Terekhov and others.

Description: The series can not be entered into a specific genre. There is everything for everyone here. Reality, comedy, drama and melodrama, classical soap opera, thriller, and even an element of interactive with the participation of viewers. "Street" - this is the story of the residents of one of the streets of the sleeping area of ​​a large city. Schoolchildren and students, housewives and vendors, oligarchs and ordinary workers-there will be more than 30 characters of different ages and social status, each with its own story. In the big universe "Streets" there are no main and secondary heroes, there is a turbulent life with its joys, sorrows, incidents and jambs, fears, love experiences and tragedies. This is a story about all of us and our neighbors. The storyline itself is quite simple, but, at the same time, with its zest. One metropolitan businessman had everything in his life, however, because of wrong connections and betrayal he managed to lose all his wealth and wealth. Of course, it's hard to part with all this good, but the main character did not want to sit behind bars. Now he was left alone, because together with the money, people from the close circle also left - he moved to another house and became unemployed. Now his house is not a luxurious apartment in the center of Moscow, but a parent "hovel" in the old sleeping area. It would not be so sad, but he has a family that needs to be fed somehow. Of course, his wife will support him in every possible way, but that will not earn you a living. And then funny and necessary adventures begin. The hero in the course of the series The street will get acquainted with different characters, make new connections and start their own business. Having plunged into the life of the street, he will rethink certain things and change his views on life. Of course, there will be a lot of comical situations in the series - they can not do this without it. It remains to wait for news about the cast, the approximate release date and so on - watch our news ....


SERIES 1: Wife of the protagonist of the series The street suddenly decided to betray him, and at work, things went down sharply. Now his firm is under threat of bankruptcy and if nothing is done, he will lose everything and burn, which happened. After that new troubles arise, the protagonist can be imprisoned, and he must say goodbye to all his wealth, including an apartment in the center of the capital. Now his life will take place on the very street where he grew up and where his parents live, who sheltered the protagonist of the series. You need to sit down and think carefully about what to do with the main character, because his story is just beginning ...


SERIES 2: The meeting with the new, old neighbors really did not go quietly, because not everyone is happy to see the main character in their native land, since after he left, he stopped to visit old friends and acquaintances. However, nevertheless, the former oligarch still decided to stay here, he continues to believe that he will soon return all his wealth and will again go with his wife to expensive restaurants, eating only there ...

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